Huawei G628 is their first 64bit Mediatek phone

Huawei G628 is their first 64bit Mediatek phone

huawei g628

Even with a portfolio of their own processors, Huawei have opted for the 64bit MT6752 in the new Huawei G628.

Positioned as an attractive mid-range phone, the Huawei G628 is set up for users on a budget who want dual 4G LTE and the benefits of the latest 64bit architecture.

It’s also quite a good-looking phone too, and with a price of 1000 Yuan (speculated) could be a popular phone in China. Official specification list the phone as only supported TD (China Mobile networks), but a FDD option is likely to hit stores later in the year.

The G628 gets Huawei’s Emotion UI 2.3 (oddly not the latest version) based on Android 4.4.4, 2 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear and 1GB RAM. Th display is a 5-inch 720p unit.

We’re not sure how the Huawei G628 will fair agains the newly launched Xiaomi Redmi 2 although users have said they do prefer the design of the Huawei over the dated Redmi look.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    this badly needs :
    1080p display (with a minimum of 300 ppi)
    OTA Android 5.0
    5 mp front
    1.5 gb ram
    price below 1000 yuan !

    • flashmozzg

      1) Nope, 720p is fine
      2) agreed
      3) Why? Totally not needed. Good 2mp is more than enough.
      4) 1,5? Why not 2?
      5) +1, for this specs it’s a little overprice for Chinese phone. I doubt it will have good battery too.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        i fully respect your opinions and objections…
        but 1080p is becoming a trend in phones now and a phone’s asking for the defunct tag by NOT having it.
        secondly , 2gb ram MIGHT be a slight hinderance for cheap phones , so i went for mid-ground. Third and finally , 5mp Selfies are the minimum to set as your FB DP or similar.

        • flashmozzg

          It’s a trend yes. Just as QHD is a trend now (as useless 8 core cpus that perform worse than quad cores). Soon it will be 4k, 8k et cetera. 720p is enough (it will also improve perfomance and battery life). 1080 would be good but not needed if can cut down price.
          2gb is perfectly fine for that price. Jiayu G4 sells way cheaper and has 2 GB.
          Since when? I heard you could have pictures starting from 180^2 )

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i meant the quality for selfies… 2mp would give shitty quality compared to 5 mp.
            Maybe ur right about thr 720p thing.
            But i honestly think Cellphones , if they wanna penetrate the market , should at least keep trends in mind.

            UELPhone Be One Pro is an excellent phone , ONLY let down by missing FHD.

            • trapchan

              I bet you never use an iPhone son. Big MP on the camera doesn’t guarantee you a good shot.

            • Muhammad Yasir

              true that sir , never had the privilege.

  • Zami

    I think Huawei already has much better phones then this with much lower prices .

  • Filipp

    why not just 4.5-4.7″??
    720p is not enough for 5″, and 5″ is not as convenient as 4.5-7″

    • Xexe

      720p is enough of course

      • Filipp

        If you have used a 1080 5 inch phone, (like me) 720 will be not enough for you

  • roni24

    you dont put an advance cpu and stay with lousy 1GB.
    come on……….

    • Faux-News

      If you understand the market segment this phone is meant for, the 1gb ram is good enough.

  • trapchan

    All these Chinese OEM still lagging behind on the OS part. They should start cooking Lollipop for their new devices.