Qualcomm bringing the Snapdragon 810 to China on 23rd January, what will it be in?

snapdragon 810 china

2015 has kicked off to a romping start with some exciting prospects from Xiaomi, Meizu and new processors from Mediatek. Qualcomm don’t intend to be left out of the party though and have arranged a coming out party for the Snapdragon 810 in China on the 23rd of this month!

Qualcomm and their band of merry men and women, will be descending on to Beijing on the 23rd of this month where they will debut the Snapdragon 810 processor. As you would expect details are extremely scarce and we are not sure if this is simply a “Hi, from Qualcomm” type of gig or if we will be seeing the first SD810 Chinese phones.

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Obviously the second prospect is the most exciting so let’s concentrate on that, and who Qualcomm would choose to partner with on the launch of their flagship chipset?

Well Xiaomi would be the most logical choice, there new phone will be launched tomorrow but maybe the 23rd is the date it actually goes on sale? Meizu also have launches on the horizon but they are already tied to Samsung and Mediatek. Other possibilities could be a new Vivo device, or perhaps something new from ZTE/Nubia?

Those are just a few of the possibilities, what do you suppose we will see on the 23rd?

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  1. Guilherme
    January 14, 2015

    Vivo X5S please 🙁

  2. Rob
    January 14, 2015

    Please let it be the Vivo xplay 5S!

    If it is indeed making its debut on the 23rd then it rules out the Xiaomi handset that is being unveiled tomorrow which if the price leaks are correct means it will be very expensive and not a ‘true’ flagship. Won’t be an MT SoC or Leadcore (since they have nothing high end), doubt they will suddenly start using Samsung either so makes tomorrows launch much less appealing.

    • MaxPower
      January 14, 2015

      I think it’s going to be xiaomi with SD810 on board instead

  3. January 14, 2015

    VIVO next generation xplay (xplay 5s) i’m excited and waiting so much for this device i hope it will come with qualcom snapdragon 810 and up to 16 MP real camera and double speaker like xplay 3s and 4G RAM

    • amirexpressir
      January 14, 2015

      Me too
      Hope it will be 20MP IMX250 with f1.8 and all great other features one truely flagship must have(and of course great battery)…and hope it will be dual sim and support memory expansion and bezel free and beat mate 7 in being pretty phone,,….Have waited for vivo flagship alot these 2 months

      • January 22, 2015

        let’s prie for it

  4. Muhammad Yasir
    January 14, 2015

    I WANT CHEAP 4g phones equipped with this processor AND with :
    – ATLEAST full hd screen (ranging from 4.7-6.0 inch screensize) and eventually going to 2k display
    – ATLEAST 2gb ram , going on to 4gb
    – ATLEAST 8mp front and 16 Mp BACk camera (both TRUE in pixels , NOT INTERPOLATED)
    – Discrete sound chips for superb sound quality
    – FDD LTE for world wide connectivity
    – 5G wifi-connectivity

    All this and MOAR for INTERNATIONAL prices tags STRICTLY BELOW $180 for mad sales !
    Cheers from Pak ^_^ ~!

    P.S = might be missing a few things , feel free to add on!

    • anon
      January 14, 2015

      wait until 2017 maybe you will get for that price

      • Muhammad Yasir
        January 14, 2015

        awww crap , should hav know snapdragon fan boys would come running to their SoC’s defense :/

    • Mesterio
      January 14, 2015

      God bless a dreamer ! 🙂

    • Angry Mobile Nerd
      January 14, 2015

      Will somebody pleeeeeeaaaasseeee launch GizChina.In soon.

      • Muhammad Yasir
        January 15, 2015

        Ahaha , u think im indian ? 😀
        lel , im sure u dont know a Mod here is indian 😀
        im not sure how he’ll take it.

        • Angry Mobile Nerd
          January 15, 2015

          You mean Yash who makes “breaking news” stories about powerbanks? He’s the perfect candidate to launch gizchina.in — he’s got my 100% support (which is really nothing, ha). Less powerbank news stories AND less dumb comments about people wanting cutting edge specs for next to nothing prices — that’s like hitting two cows with one car (or is it two birds with one stone? meh, whatever).

          • Muhammad Yasir
            January 15, 2015

            ohk .. i guess u were trolling me :/

  5. pa5t1s
    January 14, 2015

    Could be OnePlus Two announcement????