Zopo ZP530 coming with 64bit processor and curved display

zopo zp530

Zopo will release their new Zopo ZP530 with a quad-core 64bit processor and 5-inch 2.5D display, but a few elements of the phone prevent it from being as good as it could.

The 64bit revolution has brought with it some great phones and wonderful enhancements, but some manufacturers insist on odd specification choices that damage an otherwise good-looking phone.

Zopo have again shown a new smartphone, and on the surface it looks like a stunner. It has an elegant 2.5D curved display, quad-core 64bit processor, LTE, dual SIM and micro SD. Dig a little further though and cracks in the specification appear including just 1GB RAM and a tiny 2100mAh battery!

It’s a shame that Zopo have again done so much right with a phone only to get key ingredients totally wrong. With 2GB RAM and a larger battery the ZP530 would have been an exciting alternative to the Xiaomi Redmi 2.

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