Size Comparison: Mi Note vs MX4 Pro vs Honor 6 Plus vs Xshot vs Xplay 3S

xiaomi mi note comparison

Check out our Xiaomi Mi Note size comparison with the MX4 Pro and Huawei Honor 6 Plus.

The Xiaomi Mi Note boasts the largest screen of any Xiaomi phone to date. Previously the Redmi Note had the largest panel at 5.5-inch, but the Mi Note ups the size slightly to 5.7-inch.

xiaomi mi note comparison

On paper a 5.7-inch display sounds positively monstrous, but with clever engineering and design, Xiaomi have made a large phone that isn’t that much bigger than a 5.5-inch device.

Most manufacturers are giving their flagship devices with 5.5-inch displays, but unlike the phones of early 2014 these new phones boast slim bezels and smaller overall physical size than before. Great examples of narrow 5.5-inch phones include the Meizu MX4 Pro, IUNI U3 and Huawei Honor 6 Plus. Still 5.5-inch is a stretch for some people, so what about the 5.7-inch display of the Xiaomi Mi Note? It must be huge mustn’t it?

Xiaomi Mi Note size comparison

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Xiaomi have done an amazing job of designing the Xiaomi Mi Note, and I am confident in saying that if you are currently happy with your 5.5-inch phone you are not going to find the larger Mi Note all that different to handle.

xiaomi mi note

Going from my Meizu MX4 pro to the Mi Note actually proved the Mi Note to be more comfortable to use. It is a similar width but much thinner, meaning it feels really easy to handle with one hand.

The thin sides of the Mi Note also make it easier to handle than the bulkier Huawei Honor 6 Plus too, while still remaining a similar width.

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xiaomi mi note review

Narrow bezels and a strong, lightweight alloy frame have allowed Xiaomi to make a larger screen phone feel like a 5.5-inch device. The Mi Note is thinner and wider than most of it’s 5.5-inch competition and only slightly longer.

It’s not just in the hand where the flagship Xiaomi feels better though, also in your pocket you really appreciate the 6.95mm thick body after using phones closer to 9mm.

Xiaomi Mi Note Comparison with Vivo Xshot and Xplay 3S


Xiaomi Mi Note Comparison with Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Xiaomi Mi Note Comparison with Meizu MX4 Pro

If you had been looking at the Mi Note but had been put off by the screen size you might want to look again. A 5.7-inch display in the body similar to that of a 5.5-inch phone, but easier to handle sounds like a win win to me.

If a 5.5-inch phone size is still to much for you then let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Xiaomi Mi5 will come with a 5.2-inch display.

If you are interested, I bought my Xiaomi Mi Note from who offer shipping from China and Italy.

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