Xiaomi claims to have amassed 100 million MIUI users

xiaomi mi4 review

Xiaomi is perhaps the most talked about manufacturer here at GizChina, but what a lot of our readers might not know is that Xiaomi only made one product in its first year into operation — MIUI. Yes, they didn’t make a phone until they were into their second year since foundation!

It was a rather interesting ploy, which we now know as an extremely successful one. MIUI, back then, was offered to a lot of Android devices, with the ROMs maintained and developed by Xiaomi engineers. A lot of you might remember flashing MIUI on your first Android phone (as I do, on my good ol’ LG Optimus One).

Xiaomi today announced that the very ROM (or OS, whatever you like to call it) has now managed to gather a total of 100 million users. A combination of eye candy, and some genuinely handy features make MIUI popular among power users and simplicity freaks alike. The software has also been instrumental in keeping Xiaomi alive in the market; the company is known for selling its devices at near-cost, and then making money off services from its MIUI ecosystem, including themes, cloud based services, etc.

Xiaomi is also starting to grow its footprint outside of just Asia, and the first step it has taken is towards the US market.

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