Suffering poor scrolling on your Elephone P6000? Here’s the fix

Elephone P6000

If you have the Elephone P6000 and are being kept awake at night with poor scrolling performance then this is the fix for you.

Elephone forum member ludmiloff, has created a simple application which anyone can install on their Elephone P6000 to improve scrolling and make everything as buttery smooth.

The developer says that he decided to create the .apk so that anyone can apply the fix to their Elephone P6000 even if they have little knowledge of coding or programming. He also goes on to warn that although he has tested the fix numerous times that you should apply the fix at your own risk.

The full thread can be found over on the Elephone forums, and the Elephone P6000 Bug Fixer apk can be found here.

Thanks to Chris for the tip.

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