iOcean MT6752 Rock hands on and first impressions

iocean mt6752 rock

iOcean have sent us one of the first iOcena MT6752 Rock phones to test out. Keep reading for our iOcean MT6752 Rock hands on and first impressions photos and video.

I have been lucky to see the iOcean MT6752 in various stages of development. I had some hands on time with an early prototype and just moments ago our final production sample had arrived. The iOcean MT6752 Rock is a similar level device to the JiaYu S3. It features the same octacore MT6752 64bit processor, comes with 5.5-inch FHD display and gets with 3GB RAM (standard on the iOcean).

iocean mt6752 rock


While JiaYu went for a more standard Android phone look and layout, iOcean decided to go their own way and make some interesting choices. First up we have a silver front panel around that 5.5-inch display, an interesting choice and a nice change from the usual white or black faces.

iocean mt6752 rock

The rear panel of the iOcean MT6752 has a finish that looks almost like stone. The finish is slightly mottled, not rough like the Sandstone Black OPO, but still offers extra grip. The finish also helps explain the ‘Rock’ name too.

iocean mt6752 rock

A long rounded oblong shape with large display reminds me of the iPhone 6 Plus, but the bezels are much narrower and there is no physical home button. In fact there are no buttons at all on the chin of the phone. It’s of personal opinion if you like capacitive buttons or on screen controls, so too is your opinion on the extended chin design of the iOcean. I’ve only used the phone for a few short moments so cannot comment just yet.

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iOcean MT6752 Rock Gallery

iOcean MT6752 Rock hands on video

iOcean MT6752 Rock Specifications

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iOcean MT6752 First impressions

The iOcean MT6752 Rock has a rather unique design, one which you are either going to love or hate. The phone also has a few different design and specification choices too including the navigation controls, single LED etc.

Overall I am surprised by the phone! Now that I have had my hands on the final production model I’d say it looks much better than photos suggest.

I’m still not sure about the large chin, but I do like the speed of the phone, it’s very snappy and so far the ROM is stable and smooth. As always I’ll put the iOcean MT6752 Rock through its paces and post a full review soon.

Thanks to iOcean for sending over the review sample.

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