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Considering the Xiaomi Mi Note as your next phone and wonder how the 13 mega-pixel rear camera performs? Here are some photo samples from my own useage of he phone.

The 5.7-inch Xiaomi Mi Note is the latest flagship phone from the Chinese phone maker, but this time around Xiaomi really have concentrated on producing a high-end phone, even adopting a higher price tag than they have ever asked before.

A beautiful design, and wonderful construction are part of the reason the Xiaomi Mi Note get’s a higher price tag, but the high-end hardware also adds to the overall cost too, and part of the spec is the 13 mega-pixel rear camera which has an f2.0 aperture and OIS (optical image stabilisation). The camera hardware along with the advanced camera features found in MIUI V6 promise amazing performance, but how is the camera on the Mi Note in actual use?

Xiaomi Mi Note camera impressions

First the good. The 13 mega-pixel Sony rear camera on the Xiaomi Mi Note is extremely fast! Snapping away photos in the ‘normal’ camera setting will result in photos caught in and saved in a fraction of a second. The speed is so impressive that I have used HDR on the Mi Note much of the time and it produces photos as fast as some phones take a non HDR photo.


Xiaomi offer the same camera app layout in all versions of MIUI V6 on every Xiaomi phone, however the actual features vary from phone to phone. On the Mi Note there are more HDR options available including ‘normal’, ‘auto’, ‘live’ and of course ‘off’. I found the normal HDR mode produced some of the best results and actually used the phone in this mode most of the time.

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MIUI V6 also features manual aperture setting too which really help to fine tune your images. Simply touch to focus then turn the green circle which has located the focus to adjust how much light you want in your photo. It’s a super fast and easy to use manual feature and it’s found even on the Xiaomi Redmi 2.

Xiaomi Mi Note photo samples

The Mi Note is capable of some really great photos in all light conditions. There is a very bright dual LED flash, but I personally prefer photography without the flash and tend to go in to the settings to improve low light images.

Xiaomi Mi Note Photos: Normal

Xiaomi Mi Note Photos: HDR

Xiaomi Mi Note camera: Final words

The camera on the Xiaomi Mi Note is one of the best I have used on any of the 2015 flagship phones so far. It’s fast and is capable of some amazing shots, but it isn’t quite perfect. Focus isn’t as accurate as the Vivo Xshot for example, but I feel this is something that Xiaomi will improve with MIUI updates in the future.

Overall it’s a great camera and a excellent feature to an amazing phone. More Xiaomi Mi Note details in the up coming review.

Thanks to Xiaomishop.com for supplying the Mi Note for review.


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