OnePlus announces the DR1 Drone not quite what you were expecting

oneplus dr1 drone

It’s the day of the fools so what were really expecting OnePlus to launch? A real genuine drone or a simple joke? Well the truth is we have ended up with a bit of both.

After rumours circulated and then later confirmed that OnePlus would launch a drone named the DR1 we sat up and took notice. Were OnePlus looking to recreate the success of the OPO in the drone market?

Well not quite. The DR1 Drone has turned out to be a bit of an April Fools prank by the startup. While they have made a limited number of Dr1’s to buy, the drone is little more than a palm sized toy similar to the Cheerson we reviewed a few weeks back.

The tiny little drone would be fun to fly around the house and even outside if the weather is calm enough, but don’t expect to be able to attach a camera and take video of the city with it.

[ OnePlus ]
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