Xiaomi bags its own custom ROM maker?

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Yesterday Team Kang revealed that AOKP had been approached by Xiaomi to work on custom ROM’s for upcoming Xiaomi models.

Team Kang chose April Fools day to announce their partnership with Xiaomi, which is partly why we didn’t post the news when we initially read it. However, as there have been no updates with the usual “it was all a joke” added, it is possible that the news is genuine.

Apparently Xiaomi had approached Team Kang last year following OnePlus’ lead after working with Cyanogen and recently hiring the team behind Paranoid Android.

According to this blog post, Team Kang will be working on MIUI 7 based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, which will be released alongise the flagship Xiaomi Mi 5. This new version of the MIUI ROM said to be  known by the codename MiKangy and will feature a “whole new take on the Android UX”.

We’re still not completely convinced that this is the real deal and are waiting for an official statement from Xiaomi on the matter.

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