OxygenOS finally released and available to install

oxygen os downlaod

If you are enjoying a long weekend for the easter and you have a OnePlus One then why not spend a few moments installing the much anticipated OxygenOS ROM?

With the OnePlus and CyanogenMod relationship on a seemingly rocky road, it meant that smartphone maker was in dire need for its own Android ROM to run on the flagship killer and up coming Android devices.

The result is OxygenOS, a ROM designed and developed from the OnePlus Team (after hiring key Paranoid Android members) for use specifically on the OnePlus One. OxygenOs features a whole new UI experience and comes with many of the features we are used to using on other phones (gestures, customizations, etc). More features of OxygenOS can be seen in the video below:

So if you have a OnePlus One and want to test the new system then head over to the ColorOS pages here download it and follow the installation guide. Let us know if you intend to install it and let us know your feedback.

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