Leak: Will the Meizu MX5 be the ‘most bezel-less’ phone?

meizu mx5

Meizu’s gearing up for their event scheduled 2nd June, and from what we’re hearing there’s going to be a lot of stuff launched there, apart from a phone (presumably the Meizu m2 note).

However, more seems to be going on at the Meizu camps than just that. For one, preparations for the Meizu MX5 and the MX5 Pro seem to be in full swing for now… a couple leaked pictures of which managed their way through to our desks.

What is interesting is the design (which is almost always the case with Meizu phones). In this case, the MX5 and the Pro version thereof are shown to have bezel-less designs. The Nubia Z9 that recently launched is another one of these bezel-less phones, but the MX5 and the MX5 Pro will give the Z9 some stiff competition if the leaks do turn out to be genuine.

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There’ll most certainly be a fingerprint scanner on the MX5 Pro… it is going to be the main flagship after all. Since the launch of the MX4 Pro, fingerprint scanners have become more of a commonplace than ever before. Which is why, we might also get to see one on the MX5.

Another interesting question that springs in the mind: could Meizu launch these phones at the June 2 event? Time will tell…


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  1. Aa
    May 24, 2015

    No, Sharp Aqous Crystal is the most bezel-less phone ever:


    • Chris
      May 24, 2015

      Congrats, you have just been awarded the “Most difficult phone to hold without touching the screen” award!
      Also since the earpiece is not where it should be, it has a very bad sound unless you use a handsfree set.

      • Aa
        May 24, 2015

        “Congrats, you have just been awarded the “Most difficult phone to hold without touching the screen” award!”

        Why me? You mean Sharp?

        Well, it is hard to hold, definetely. That is why it is not very popular. I am just saying that this is most bezel-less phone. You can like it od dislike it, I don’t care.

        • intruda
          May 24, 2015

          Phone is not hard to hold lol.

          • Aa
            May 25, 2015

            Hard to hold without touching the screen!

            Ok, you probably knew what I meant, but justed wanted to annoy me…..

            • intruda
              May 25, 2015

              My nexus 6 and all previous phones all lay on my fingers while I use my thumbs to navigate my phone. And never accidentally touch screen.

              I don’t see how this changes with bezeless phones. Ive held the sharp phone for a few minutes before and no issues.

              The sharp device screen was the only winning quality.

      • Aeonia
        May 24, 2015

        Actually the phone doesnt have an earpiece…instead it features a Direct Wave Receiver which essentially vibrates the entire front panel of the display..making the whole screen an earpiece..

    • 3_nity
      May 24, 2015

      I call this: “Design for idiots”. LOL

    • antidumb
      May 25, 2015

      Every chinese phone maker claim that their phone is bezel-less but none of them is even close to sharp phone series like The Aquos XX, Aquos Crystal, or Aquos Zeta

      damn, i wish sharp smartphone expand their business to worldwide

  2. Den flotte fyr
    May 24, 2015

    The LeTV MAX only have a 1.6mm bezel

  3. Kingu Prima
    May 24, 2015

    Meizu, no thank you. Great specs awfull firmwares

    • intruda
      May 24, 2015


    • GIJoe
      May 25, 2015

      but with 41 mpx sensor 🙂

      • Kingu Prima
        May 26, 2015

        even with a 200MPX sensor ;D

  4. E8hffff
    May 24, 2015

    I knock the screen all the time, so margins not so bad.