Xiaomi Mi4i unboxing and first impressions

xiaomi mi4i

Today we get to grips with Xioami’s latest device, the Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone in a unboxing and first impressions.

The Xiaomi Mi4i recently launched, but rather than going on sale in China first the device actually launched in India and went on sale there ahead of the mainland. In fact the Xiaomi Mi4i remains (unofficially) available in China, creating a strage reverse demanding which has seen people outside of China sell the Mi4i to mainland Chinese fans!

Many have simply labeled the Mi4i as a cut down, budget version of the Xiaomi Mi4, but there are some changes which I feel make the Mi4i a slightly better buy over the Mi4. For example the camera on the Mi4i is way better than the Mi4. Where as the Mi4 produced quite dark images, the Mi4i is not far off the quality offered by the Xiaomi Mi Note (i.e very very good). The Mi4i is also thinner than the Mi4, and I also find it more attractive. MIUI V6 comes on the Mi4i just as it does with the Mi4 but this time based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. And last but not least the battery in the Mi4i is 3120mAh where as the battery in the Xiaomi Mi4 is 3080mAh.

xiaomi mi4i

So there are some rather important updates on the Mi4i which might be worth looking at if you are considering this of the Mi4. There are drawbacks too, for example the storage is only 16GB and there is no space for a micro SD card.

In the hand the Xiaomi Mi4i is a really pleasing device to hold. With a narrow body, baby skin style rear finish and compact 5-inch display it really is a joy to hold. It’s also nice to have a phone that sits in your pocket unnoticed after using larger 5.5-inch+ phones.

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Xiaomi Mi4i Unboxing and first impressions

So far I  have enjoyed the Mi4i. I love the size and feel of the phone. I’m impressed with the camera and the performance is on par with any Snapdragon 801 phone I have used recently (that’s a real-world assessment not based on benchmarks).

If you like to load up with video, music and games the lack of storage is really the only feature that kills the Mi4i. The only other worrying details is the additional heat coming from the phone. I have updated to a newer OTA which apparently fixes the heating issue, but users have reported that it brings more issues with it.

I’ll have the full Xiaomi Mi4i review up next week, and also plan to perform a camera shootout against the Xiaomi Mi Note and Meizu m1 note too, so keep a look out for that too.

Thanks to Honorbuy.com for the Xiaomi Mi4i review phone who are shipping the device from their EU warehouse with phones available now. Update: HonorBuy are offering free delivery on the Mi4i until 30th June.

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