Elephone P6000 gets a price cut, now being offered for $112.99

elephone p6000 benchmarks

The Elephone P6000 is among the more impressive (and readily available) Elephone devices that we’ve tested in the recent past.

We reviewed the phone a couple or so months back, and found it to be quite a decent offering for the price that it sold for back then. What you might be happy to hear is that the phone just received a price cut and is now available for just US$112.99. It comes with a 5-inch display, MT6732 quad-core 64-it processor, has 2GB of RAM and a 13 mega-pixel main camera.

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Elephone have also been working on bringing new ROMs, including third party ones, to the P6000. A Lollipop update is also available for the device. This is the closest that the P6000 has been to a US$100 price tag, and the deal can be availed via this listing to Everbuying.net and using coupon code ‘EBP6000’ at checkout to bring the price down to US$112.99 from the standard US$119.99.

The P6000 can make for a decent secondary phone if you already own a 2015 flagship. If not that, the device is well suited to be your main phone if you don’t have too high expectations. Who’s getting one?

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  1. mikeyd
    June 1, 2015

    i have one! but can someone explain to me why they promise 7 months ago to bring lollipop on this phone and still didn’t make this promise true. I give more on factory’s who don’t promise but be honestly to say that they will try to put lollipop on it. oke they will sell as much as they try. but if they can’t on the p6000 why would they get it on the P7000 and p8000,…?
    it’s a big mess I think… you should look on their forum. a bunch of different rom’s but not one of them is working 100%. even lolipop test rom was few months ago launched and still not 100%.
    they launch almost every two weeks a new phone but the soft is taking year(s)

    • Pip_X
      June 1, 2015

      What? My p6000 that I got 2 months ago comes with lollipop and I never encountered any problem with it so far.

      • mikeyd
        June 1, 2015

        ok pipX, but its what i mean and jens say……..you have to do some backup (imei,radio freq, en others or wathever what problems i read on the forum) and it’s not official. and if you do it… you do it at your own risk. NOt official update by OTA

        • Wondercool
          June 1, 2015

          I got a P6000 too since 3 weeks but it shipped with Lollipop. Sofar
          quite happy, only disappointed with the forum website: loads of ROMs and
          messages but very little good information.

          I am waiting for
          Cyanogen Mod to mature but there is no clear release notes, bug list or
          decent community to move it forward quickly. just a representative from
          Elephone who isn’t really saying much but churning out buggy Roms every 3 days.

          • mikeyd
            June 2, 2015

            TOTALY AGREE

  2. jens
    June 1, 2015

    I would Luke to get the Ota update,ttoo. You can download some beta versions in elehponbe forum, but not every buyer will save fequency data and reset for an update!Great shit Form elephone, at this Moment!

  3. Xalis
    June 2, 2015

    I lol’d at the people buying Elephone devices and expecting software support.

    They are busy releasing a new phone every week, they will not give you any software support ever.

    My P6000 is working fine with Lollipop, and I also got it for $112 so far it’s a nice phone worth the price but I expect no updates and I will not be dissapointed.

    • Chris Wong
      June 2, 2015

      Well said. You can’t expect to pay $112 for (what I think anyway) is a well built phone and get good software support. Not even mainstream companies hit all their targets and promises with software updates. At least the KitKat ROM is rock solid, and at least they’re trying to provide custom ROMs unlike a lot of other vendors who make phones with MediaTek CPUs