Installing Google Apps on the Meizu m1 note

install google apps on meizu m1 note

If you have picked up the Meizu m1 note from China, then you will have found that there are no Google services! Thankfully there is a fix and it really couldn’t be any easier!

Like many Chinese phones, the Chinese version of the Meizu m1 note ships with a ROM designed for the Chinese market, and that means there are no Google services or Google applications installed as standard.

Thankfully it is a very painless and straightforward fix. All you need is a WIFI connection and a few moments.

How to install Google Apps on the Meizu m1 note

Sometimes it can be a nightmare getting Gapps on your Chinese Android device, other times it is as simple as installing a special installer apk. Meizu have opted for the easy route.

Before you go ahead and install the “Google Installer” application make sure you have your phone connected to a WIFI network so you don’t get any silly charges on your LTE data. To get to your WIFI setting in Flyme simply:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notifications area
  • Press the arrow under the WIFI icon
  • Select your WIFI
  • Enter your password (if needed)

Now that you are connected to the web you can go ahead and install Gapps on your Meizu m1 note. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Open the “AppCenter”. Its a blue icon that looks like a shopping bag
  2. From there seach for “Google Installer”
  3. The app you are looking for will have the Google ‘g’ on a background for yellow, red, blue and green.
  4. Hit install
  5. Once installed hit open
  6. Now it is a simple as pressing “Start the installation”
  7. Now that is finished you can return to your home screen and fine, Google Playstore, and Google settings!
  8. Done
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All you need to do now is add your Google credentials and start download from the Google Play Store, connect to Gmail etc.

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