Meizu MX5 alloy rear end surfaces for the camera once again

meizu mx5

If we are to take all these rumours as gospel then Meizu are likely to launch an m2 and MX5 at an event held on 30th June in Beijing.

Meizu’s recent decisions have left us all scratching our heads. Why have they created a successor to the m1 note when the phone only launched in December? And why are we seeing rumours of the m2 when the original m1 only came in to being in January? There are rumours as to why Meizu had to make changes to their phones, but still I’d be a little upset if I was a Meizu m1 or m1 note owner myself.

What we have above is a reason for MX4 and MX4 Pro owners to worry. That metal rear shell is believed to be from the upcoming Meizu MX5, and as you can see it is a one piece ally body not the same as the MX4/Pro which features a removable plastic rear cover.

As far as specifications go, the Meizu MX5 could launch with either a Mediatek chip, or Samsung. 1080 or 2K display and a fingerprint scanner, so in reality we don’t know much about this phone, but stay tuned and we are sure to have more.

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