Xiaomi might soon stop shipping chargers with its phones

Xiaomi is a very practical maker. It was Xiaomi that spurred off the trend of not including earphones in its smartphone retail packages… and companies have followed suit.

We’re living in an age where most have more than just one smart device. All of these devices ship with chargers, and people are in fact spending on standalone chargers. This makes the bundles adapters obsolete… not only does this increase costs, but also results in the environment being hurt.

This is perhaps why Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is considering shipping Xiaomi devices without chargers. Of course if this does happen, chargers will be available for purchase.

I’m personally liking where this is heading. It only makes sense. Commercial and environmental sense. It might take a long while to implement, especially in developing markets where people don’t often own as many smart devices as their developed market counterparts. And that’s the most interesting bit to look out for, because developing markets are the ones that happen to be Xiaomi’s target.

What do you feel about this? Do you think you’d purchase a phone charger-free, lets say for a couple of dollars off the price? Of course you wouldn’t be doing that to save the two dollars.

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