The next Nexus will be made by Huawei! Confirms a insider

Rumors of a partnership between Google and the Huawei working on the next Nexus together have been ‘confirmed’ by an insider.

It finally, seems to be confirmed by an insider at Huawei, that the Chinese phone giant will produce Google Nexus smatphone. Not only that, the same insider stated that the phone will be available towards the end of this year. Since Google updates the Nexus in the months of October-November the timing seems about right.

The partnership could bring only great results for Huawei  given the potential and value to the name that a partnership with the giant Google can bring. Especially in the US market where Huawei struggles.

It’s to early to say about the specs of the Huawei Nexus, but we can speculate based on rumors in the last weeks that pointed at a  5.7-inch 2k panel for the device, Snapdragon 810 is also expected packed aside with 3or 4GB of Ram.

For now it’s everything, any news we will inform. But feel free to leave your opinion about the next Huawei Nexus device.

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