We are giving away chances to buy a UMi Iron for just $17.99

umi iron

The UMi Iron is official from today, but don’t go off buying it just yet as we have coupons for lucky readers to buy the new phone for just $17.99!

The UMi Iron has grabbed a fair share of attention these past few weeks through teasers of the new device. Finally all the details were announced today on Facebook, and UMi are celebrating the launch by letting fans buy the phone for just $17.99!

UMi have given us 7 special coupon codes in total, and we are starting the giveaway with 2 coupons today (winners announced in a few days).

For your chance to win one of the codes all we ask is for you to head over to the GizChina Tech Fans private group and apply to join. We will accept all fans and choose the two who are most active to receive the codes.

The codes will allow you to buy the UMi Iron with FREE shipping until 10th July. Import or customs taxes are not covered in the giveaway.

Have fun and keep your eyes open for the the more UMi Iron coupon codes.

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