UMi Iron to feature better than Fingerprint ID Hypertech Security feature

umi iron

With the announcement of the UMi Iron specs yesterday, and the start of giveaways we were under the impression that all the secrets of the UMi Iron have been revealed, but this isn’t the case.

Early on in the run up to the release of the UMi Iron, we discovered that the phone would not support fingerprint sercurity, a feature that many smartphone companies are adding to their phones as standard. The lack of fingerprint scanner put a few people off the phone, but today UMi have revealed details that might bring them back.

According to a tip sent over to us this morning, the UMi Iron features something called Hypertech, a feature that is more secure than fingerprint ID. With no visible area on the phone for a scanner we wonder if UMi have incorporated a retina scanner in their phone? Some eye scanning security features only require a front camera to work, but we might learn that a dedicated scanner is hidden away in their too.

Our source at UMi tell us that the mystery around Hypertech will be revealed next week. What do you think it could be?

[ UMi ]
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