If you ever wanted the Apple Watch Edition, you won’t like what this Chinese man did with two of them

China is an interesting place. It’s not just the culture, but also (obviously) the tech that attracts many around the world to the country. China has some of the most passionate people in the world, and as you shall read, there also happen to be some who’re crazy rich… perhaps more than you could think of.

Real estate mogul Wang Jianlin is the richest man in China. You might never have heard of him before, which is why you’re surprised to know that he’s richer than Alibaba’s Jack Ma. Nonetheless, its not his riches, but his two Apple Watch Editions that we’re going to tell you about.

The Apple Watch Edition is arguably the most expensive piece of wearable tech. And it’s primarily made for humans; Jianlin, however, doesn’t believe in that school of thought.

The two super-expensive digital watches sit on his dog’s wrists. Yes, you read it right, HIS DOG’s WRISTS! To top off the madness, the dog’s Weibo account (yeah, the dog has his own Weibo account – you probably don’t) had the following update earlier, attached to the picture of his (below): “I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too tuhao so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?”

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I guess I don’t… do you?


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  1. G'n'T
    June 26, 2015

    Ah ah ah Tool! Bless me…

  2. a
    June 26, 2015

    This dog is richer than me

  3. Homo
    June 26, 2015

    Wat een mongol jongen!!

    • Ebay Accountje
      June 28, 2015

      haha held

  4. Fred
    June 26, 2015

    I guess that he was thinking like: “See stupid ifans, my dog got 2 and it don’t really give a f##k.” 😀
    Joke aside. I love China, Monday you heard about one of the richest man in the country, wednesday you see him in jail.

  5. monkeytree
    June 26, 2015

    A lot of countries have laws against animal abuse.

  6. balcobomber25
    June 26, 2015

    Can honestly say I never wanted an Apple watch or any other smart watch.

  7. Natsumi
    June 26, 2015

    Fucking insane rich people….

  8. June 27, 2015

    Maybe it’s a veiled FU to Apple, like saying their watches are only fit for animals. I bet the owner wears a real watch, like a $1M Patek Philippe.

  9. seven7dust
    June 28, 2015

    The worst product apple released cause it has no purpose , a gold watch thats already oudated.
    Good luck to customers of this product.
    after 10 yrs they’ll look back and think of all the other things they could have spent this money on and instead feel like losers for spending 10,000 on a electronic watch , Jony Ive went crazy on this one.

    • EvolvedApe
      June 28, 2015

      Yeah, dude!

      It’s so much wiser to spend it on some really old tech mechanical movement Swiss watch, which is much less accurate, does much less and stops working in a year (I have an Omega just like that in a drawer).

      I have no particular desire for the Apple Watch, since I am happy for now with my Basis Peak, but expensive non-smart watches are for the fake hair and gold chain set nowadays.

      • BotondKisKovacs
        June 28, 2015

        Whatever Omega you got that stopped working in a year must be a cheap fake or this Omega company is a scam because I have 50 year old cheap russian mechanical wristwatches in my drawer that work perfectly after half a century and will continue working even if all electronics get fried on the planet.
        A mechanical watch is more like jewelry while a smart watch is more like a tool. Both have their places but whichever kind you choose, a golden one priced 10k or more is just plain overkill and has no other role than to show how rich it’s owner is.

        • EvolvedApe
          June 28, 2015

          LOL, definitely not a cheap fake, unless they sell those in Paris for $8k+

          Not one of the really expensive Omegas, but it’s my second one and both have had issues. Both mechanical. It takes about a month to get repaired by Omega. BTW, nowadays the movement is the same for all but a few of the exotic brands and mechanical watches will never be as accurate as a $10 Casio.

          On the other hand, a lot of the Swiss brands have electronic guts nowadays and you basically pay for the (often gaudy) case.

          I am not saying the Apple Watch is great value by any means, but it’s no different than an Omega, just more useful in practice and actually better designed.

          Finally, a lot of the Russian movements were simple copies, although they still worked just fine. Enjoy your Raketas and Pobedas 🙂

          • BotondKisKovacs
            June 28, 2015

            Of course they will never be as accurate as a cheap quartz, it just can’t be done mechanically but I am perfectly fine with a 2-3 minutes offset in a week or so.

            From what I could gather researching watches I’ve seen that unless it’s a really expensive watch that makes their movements in-house, they all use the same mostly Japanese movements that rarely cost more than $50.

            Not sure what Omega does but I don’t know how they can afford such expensive watches to break down, it just seems unlikely given how reliable most mechanical movements are.

            Smartwatches indeed are more useful although I don’t really like the apple watch design, I much more lean towards the moto360 because of it’s design reminiscent of classical watches. Smartwatches are still in their infancy though so I’ll wait and see where they get to in the coming years. Personally I don’t have much use for them right now. I have a Xiaomi Mi band for basic activity and sleep tracking, missing a simple watch function though. What I would really love to see is a minimalist design as similar to a classical watch as possible with an always on high res screen that can track my activity and sleep, my pulse 24/7, ECG on demand or automatically when it suspects a problem, blood sugar and maybe some other properties like leukocytes to detect infections, blood pressure would also be nice. Of course half of these are sci-fi for now but this is the way I see smartwatches going, as really useful medical/personal health tracking devices.

            You got it right with the russians, I heard stories of them actually taking a swiss watch factory together with workers back to Russia when they retreated. There was even a story of a russian soldier taking a cuckoo clock into a watchmaker’s shop and demanding that he makes several wrist watches out of it.

            Also I am enjoying both my Pobeda and Raketa as I’ve got one of each LOL 🙂

  10. Becritical
    September 7, 2015

    1. It is not Wang Jianli’s dog, it is Wang Sicong’s.
    2. Can you see it is just a joke made by a rich people.