Elephone releases ELE Flash application for specific models

Good news for those of you using an Elephone smartphones! Elephone has finally released their ELE Flash tool APK to the public.

The tool will help users safely and easily flash new custom ROMs for their devices without going through the normal challenges of flashing a ROM like installing a custom recovery or performing data wipes. It’s available to download on Elephone’s forums, but it’s only available for a few models right now.

The current supported models are the Elephone G7, P3000s, P5000, P6000 and P3000S (64-bit). To flash any ROMs, your phone must first be rooted, which isn’t much of a problem since most Elephone devices either come rooted or have simple rooting tutorials online. The app is in beta however, so be cautious when using it.

Outside of the already mentioned ROM flashing, there’s also tools to help you back up your data and a link to an app market. Elephone also uploaded a video of the Flash tool, which you can check out below.

What do you think of the ELE Flash tool? Will it be very useful, or will it just be another useless application?

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