Open Thread: What Android version does your Chinese phone run?

It’s been a while since we’ve had an open thread here at GizChina. The GizChina community is buzzing with info from all sides, and an open thread is a great way to concentrate (some of) the information in one place. This week’s open thread is about the Android version running on your Chinese phone.

What Android version is your Chinese phone running?

Most Chinese OEMs are usually very slow in pushing updates. It is even worse when you’re using an ‘export brand’ phone, although that scene is improving.

Today we’d like to know from you, and interact with you about the Android version on your phone. How long have you been using your phone, and have you been happy with it?

Do let us know what you’re running (don’t forget to include your phone’s model), and if you’re satisfied with the software support provided by your OEM!

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