And the award for the worst promo video goes to ZUK!

lenovo zuk z1

ZUK is a Lenovo subsidiary which wants to ‘disrupt’ the smartphone scene with the upcoming ZUK Z1. The company put up a video earlier today; it’s a short video that doesn’t give away a lot of facts, but there’s still a lot to learn from the video.

OK, let me cut to the chase: the minute-long video has horrendous ‘music’, not a lot a lot is said in the picture. In fact, this ZUK video is the worst startup promo video you’ll see in a long, long time…

If there’s one thing that you take home after watching the video, it’s the fact that ZUK is pronounced ‘Zee-You-Kay’ and not ‘Zuck’ (or one of its variations).

ZUK (Lenovo) really need to understand the global demographic before wanting to disrupt the market OnePlus style. If there’s one thing OnePlus did extremely well, it was understanding what the market wanted. Agree?

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