Breaking: UMi Zero 2 to get dual screen design! Coming 1st September

umi zero 2 teaser

For those of you following UMi, you have no doubt been impressed by the UMi Iron specifications, but the UMi Zero 2 goes a step further with dual screen design!

Earlier today a new Facebook page was created simply named “UMi Zero 2”. So far the page is a blank canvas waiting for likes and content, but there is one very interesting image already on there.

The cover image for the page reads “Duplex Life”, above that we can make out the partial image of a phone named the Zero Pro with what looks like an E-ink display on the rear. We can tell this is the rear of the phone as there is a large main camera above it, and we also have a glimpse of the front of the phone too.

Although the details don’t look like much for now the UMi Zero 2 image actually reveals quite a lot of information about the phone.

We can make out a dual screen design, the rear likely an E-ink model like the famous Yotaphone, there are on-screen navigation for the front screen, a physical home button (which may hold a fingerprint scanner) and we can see a metal frame.

There are more details too! A small circle reading “1/9” can be seen next to the Zero 2 name which we believe means a 1st September launch date! This would give us 2 months to wait and if the UMi Iron is anything to go by, UMi are going to spend those months teasing some innovative features for the new flagship phone.

[ UMi Zero 2 Facebook ]
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