Antutu reveals fake Xiaomi and Samsung devices dominate the Chinese knock-off market

Ever since the dawn of mobile devices, China has been the world capital of knock-off devices and clones. Nowadays, clones are slightly harder to come by, though they aren’t exactly a dying race if these reports from Antutu are anything to go off.

Antutu’s report shows off the number of knock-off devices tested with their benchmarking app throughout the first half of the year, and the results are rather surprising. Samsung predictably takes the top spot, but they’re followed closely by Xiaomi, and together they’ve managed to cover 68% of the knock-off market. The exact percentages are:-

  1. Samsung – 37.30%
  2. Xiaomi – 30.96%
  3. Huawei – 3.97%

For specific models, the Mi Note is by far the most easy to come by, holding 31.82% of the knock-off market. It’s followed by the Redmi Note (12%), Mi3 (9.39%), the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (8.82%) and the Galaxy Note 4 (7.01%). The rest of the 68% is made up of other not as well known Samsung devices.

Seeing Xiaomi so high on the list is quite surprising, as it shows how much demand their devices can generate these days. Some may consider this as irony, but it seems more like a passing reminder that Xiaomi is growing larger and larger by the day. What do you think about these results? Tell us in the comments below.

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