The Winners are: Your chance to win a Meizu MX5 or Bamboo OPO with GizChina Shop

win mx5

And the winners are!

We had a great response to the giveaway with over 270 comments from GizChina fans. There were a lot of nominations for the winners but 2 names kept coming up thanks to their great community spirit those winners are:

  • MaxPower
  • Balcobomber25

Congratulations guys! The contest is now closed!

As you may already know, we are building up to the launch of our new store this coming Monday (13th July) with daily phone giveaways. This weekend we have 2 great phones to win.

All week on our GizChina Shop Facebook page we have been asking fans to get involved with our new community for a chance to win a phone. Winners were chosen at random, but for this weekend we have decided to try something a little different.

GizChina regulars in the comments and forms will no doubt have noticed a few outspoken voices. Maybe they were giving advice, helping to answer a question or giving their own informative view of an article. Whatever their comment might be there are always a few voices we expect to see in each article.

This giveaway is a chance to award those fans and the prize is either a Bamboo Edition OPO or Meizu MX5!

What we would like readers to do this weekend is simply comment on this post as to which active GizChina reader you think should win one of these fantastic phones. If you have seen a reader in every post commenting in the past tell us who it was below!

Updated Rules To Make Things Clearer

  • Active fans are those who are ALREADY active on the site, NOT new members spamming the comments hoping to win. We want to award the people who keep GizChina going.
  • Nominate and GizChina Core group members.
  • Comment below this article not on Facebook.
  • You can vote for more than one reader.
  • To vote simply post the username of the commenter below with a short reason why you think they should win.
  • We will choose either the people with the most votes, or if there is no clear winner we will choose who we think deserves to win.
  • Comments that do not nominate someone will be removed to keep it clear and easy to manage.
  • Anyone mentioning begging / using friend groups, etc., will be disqualified.
  • Winners will be announced over on the GizChina Shop Facebook page on Monday.

There are already a few names which I imagine we are going to see nominated, I just hope that some of our loyal fans will win one of these killer Chinese phones. Good luck and have fun.

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