Xiaomi team up with Uber for exclusive Mi Note delivery

xiaomi mi note uber

Xiaomi have teamed up with Uber to offer Uber users the option to preorder the Mi Note and have it delivered directly to their location.

Xiaomi fans in Singapore and Malaysia now have a more exclusive and convenient method to order the newly released Xiaomi Mi Note. Using the Uber app, users will be able to choose orange coloured ‘Xiaomi Cars’ and have the 5.7-inch Mi Note delivered to them. Payment will be charged directly to the customers credit card as usual.

In addition to the added convenience, Uber app users will have a full day to pre-order the Mi Note ahead of customers waiting for the launch on the official Mi.com website.

It’s an interesting way to grab fans attention, but we wonder how many customers will opt for this way of buying their next Xiaomi device.

The Xiaomi Mi Note boasts a 5.7-inch 1080 display, 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 801 chipset. We recently reviewed the standard version and found it to be better to live with than the more expensive Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

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