Doogee F3 uses Ultra Clear Glass and dual 2.5D panels

doogee f3

For Doogee to make a flagship that we are excited about is pretty special, and they have managed it with a lot of thinking outside the box like the use of glass designed for fish tanks.

You probably already know the DOOGEE F3 is 2.5D glass covered with 1mm slim bezels to create a larger and clearer view, but did you know it is made out of the same glass usually reserved for high-end fish tanks?

The material selected by Doogee is Ultra Clear Glass that is normally reserved for top of the range fish tanks. With properties such as an excellent refractive index and light transmittance as high as 91.5%, the glass is almost as clear as crystal.

For added useability the glass has also been coated in an layer of AF nano coating which helps prevent smudges, fingerprints and dirty marks.

The Doogee F3 is really beginning to look rather good. As well as crystal clear glass, the phone also comes with either 2 or 3GB RAM, glass or wood rear covers, Android 5.1 and super fast autofocus.

The Doogee F1 starts at just $149.99 for the 2GB RAM glass backed version, rising to $169.99 for the wooden rear 3GB RAM flagship.

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