Blackview phone concept boasts touch screen fingerprint scanner, 2K display and MT6797

blackview concept

If the OnePlus 2 was a bit of a disappointment then turn your attention to the latest from China, in particular this unamed smartphone beast from Blackview.

Although they claim its a 2016 Flagship Killer, the OnePlus 2 is pretty average at best. With an overheating SD 810, 1080 display, and 13 mega-pixel camera, the specs are ok but hardly class leading, which makes the latest Blackview sound all the more special.

The unnamed model will go on official sale during the Middle of September and is designed to be a standout flagship for 2016 and a phone that will put Blackview on the map. From what little we know about the phone we believe that is exactly what could happen.

Blackview say their new phone will feature all the usual bits and bobs that make it a flagship device. A slim body, bezel-less design, 2K display, and 4GB RAM. Not following in the Snapdragon trap, Blackview have opted for a Mediatek MT6797 chipset for power and will spec the device with either 16-32GB internal memory.

Front camera hardware is still a mystery but the rear sensor will be a 20 mega-pixel Sony IMX230 camera. All very promising!

The real standout feature though is the display which not only packs in all those pixels but also has an integrated fingerprint scanner. In this case there will be no need for a physical home button, or rear mounted scanner. We’re not sure how Blackview will solve the integration but we are certainly excited to try it out!

Blackview Concept phone highlights;

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  • QHD 2K display
  • 4GB RAM
  • Mediatek MT6797 chipset
  • Screen with integrated fingerprint scanner
  • Sony 20 mega-pixel IMX230 rear camera

We’ll try to get more details of this upcoming phone before the launch in September. So far what do you think of this stunning new phone?

In other news Blackview have been working to build up a network of international agents around the world and now have resellers in Dubai, Cambodia, Malaysia, Greece, etc. More details over on the Blackview website.

And if you cannot wait for the killer phone above, then the Blackview Alife P1 Pro is on presale for just $99.99 with 2.5D HD display, 2GB RAM, MT6735 chipset, 13 mega-pixel camera, 3000mAh battery and fingerprint scanner via Geekbuying and Pandawill.

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