Xiaomi to launch MIUI 7 13th August and Redmi Note 2 a few days later

miui 7

Today, Xiaomi boss Lei Jun has posted details of a launch on the 13th of August that looks like it could deal with MIUI 7, and rumours are the Redmi note 2 will come some days after.

Xiaomi phone users are all currently running MIUI V6, it is the latest incarnation of Xiaomi’s Mobile OS and can even be installed on some supported non Xiaomi phones too.

MIUI has a long history of offering tons of useful features and having an easy to use interface, and we think they pretty much cracked it with MIUI V6 with its iOS inspired navigation and theme, but what for MIUI V7?

Today Xiaomi released images of a launch date of August 13th that show a number 7. This has sparked off rumours that MIUI 7 could finally be announced (but not necessarily launched) in just a few days time.

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Apparently MIUI 7 will first be available to use on the Xiaomi Mi5, that puts us in to October for a date to actually use the latest Xiaomi system and also the next Xiaomi flagship.

xiaomi redmi note 2

If that is too much of a wait for a new Xiaomi device though then do not worry. It is also believed that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 running a 1080 display and Helio X10 chipset could launch on the 16th of this month! August is an excellent time to be a Xiaomi fan!

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  1. monkeytree
    August 4, 2015

    Looks like Xiaomi has embraced Project Ara

  2. Freeje
    August 4, 2015

    Wish they could come out with a note plus with a 6 inch screen. Something that could beat the new Xperia C5 Ultra.

    • Rob
      August 4, 2015

      I second that 🙂

      • balcobomber25
        August 4, 2015

        I third that. After using a 5.7 inch screen for a few months (iOcean X8) I would love a 6 inch screen. Especially one from Xiaomi.

  3. zdanee
    August 4, 2015

    The miui v6 is still missing features from v5, so excuse me if I feel this a bit rushed…

    • cpaixao
      August 4, 2015

      Could you pls elaborate?

      • zdanee
        August 5, 2015

        The browser is still pretty inferior compared to the one in V5, both in UI and in function (start-page tiles, column-width zoom, etc), the old gallery app had way more edit features, the old music-player and notes apps had a compact view that is now missing, on V5 pressing on the volume meter on the screen let you edit all the sounds (for example you want to mute the media sound while nothing is playing, you press the volume buttons to bring up the volume meter, press on it and set the media volume), recently the background-picture scrolling option went missing, the old status-icons were more visible with black and orange on white background compared to dark-gray on semi-transparent black, also you could see the top of the notification screen without having to pull it down all the way. The old apps had their own respective settings instead of being piled together in one enormous settings app. Oh, and you could invoke the music-player from the lockscreen, whereas now you need a running music player in order to have controls on the lockscreen. Anyways I like V6 and wouldn’t go back to V5, but I thought V6 will get to the same level as V5 before being scratched to yet another almost-but-not-quite ready new one. Yes, I don’t know anything about V7, so no argument there, I just hope they’ll have enough manpower to finish V6 on devices that won’t get V7 immediately before they move on and finish supporting the old version.

  4. AbdulB1
    August 6, 2015

    with recent vulnerabilities found in Android I hope they do update older phones with patch or new versions of Android ASAP

  5. waterresist
    August 7, 2015

    Would miui7 fix Mi4i problems?