UMi Iron receives V1.4 OTA with multitude of updates

umi iron hands on

UMi have been powering along with OTA updates for the UMi Iron. The latest V1.4 OTA brings with it 11 optimizations and changes.

It’s safe to say that the UMi are being rather good with OTA updates for the all alloy UMi Iron. Since receiving the review phone we have had an OTA every couple of weeks or so, each time adding new features or updating current ones.

The latest OTA is V1.4 and it is available to download right now. The changelog for the update includes:

  1. Camera optimisation
  2. Heart rate/stress test/UV sensor optimisation
  3. Notification light optimizations
  4. Eyeprint ID security has been activated
  5. HIFI audio optimised
  6. Customisable capacitive navigation buttons (change the position of the buttons to suit your usage).
  7. UI optimisation to give a more genuine stock Android 5.1 experience.
  8. Super ROOT, for stable use with Rootjoy.
  9. Quick menu can now be accessed in any screen.
  10. One key end all apps option.
  11. Guest mode optimisation.

Now that the ROM finally seems to be running as it should and all the promised UMi Iron features are there, we can finally get around to completing our UMi Iron review. Watch this space.

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