Full specs: Doogee F5 is a liquidmetal Turing phone alternative for $149.99

doogee f5 liquidmetal

Chinese phone maker Doogee have made a huge claim this afternoon by telling us that they will be the first Chinese manufacturer to release a liquidmetal phone.

There have been many rumours in the past that Apple could release a liquid metal phone, but believe it or not Chinese phone maker Doogee could beat them to it!

Before you all get too excited and believe we are going to see a phone from Doogee that will look like the T1000 Liquid Terminator, let us explain a few details about the material.

doogee f5 liquidmetal

Liquidmetal is actually the commercial name for amorphous metal alloys which were developed by Caltech. Liquidmetal alloys act more like a glass than metal when heated with a gradually increasing viscosity at higher temperatures. This allows the alloy to be controlled during casting. Once folded the metal offers some very amazing traits and is harder than aluminium or titanium, is corrosion resistant and high tensile strength.

doogee f5 liquidmetal

The Doogee F5 could not only be the first liquidmetal phone from China but one of the first phones to use the material in the world. So far we have only seen the Turing phone use the material.

Official specifications of the Doogee F5 include a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 3000mAh battery with 5V2A fast charing, Mediatek MT6753 octacore chipset and 3GB RAM, 5 mega-pixel front camera and 13 megapixel Samsung 3m2 rear.

doogee f5 liquidmetal

Doogee want the F5 to sit high up in their range and have included a fingerprint scanner with 360 degree fingerprint identification, plus GSM, WCDMA and 4G LTE mobile support.

What’s most incredible about the Doogee F3 is the price tag. Doogee say their liquidmetal phone will cost just $149.99 when it goes on sale later this month! We will ask Doogee to ship us a review sample ASAP.

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