Spy photo: Huawei to launch curved screen phone at IFA?

Spy photo: Huawei to launch curved screen phone at IFA?

huawei 007 leak

Could it be that Huawei are going to launch more than one phone at IFA? It certainly looks that way if recent leaks are anything to go by.

Leaked images of a new Huawei smartphone model have been doing the rounds for a week or so now. We have seen photos, and even video of a new device that is likely to launch at IFA and might well be a replacement to the Huawei Mate 7.

It might not be the only phone Huawei have coming to IFA though. Earlier today a tipster sent over these images stating that in them we can see parts of a new Huawei smartphone set for IFA release. The tipster didn’t go in to any more details, but attached these two images and referred to the phone as ‘007’.

The more interesting image looks like it came from a press pack and shows a phone with SIM tray in the very top of the phone (as opposed to the side in other Huawei leaks). The body also appears to have a slight curve to it hinting at a curved display phone from Huawei this year.

We’re not sure on the authenticity of these leaks, but we would be very excited to see a premium Huawei device with alloy body, curved glass display and flagship specifications. What are your thoughts?

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  • Faux-News

    If true could be the Huawei D8, the flagship for 2015.

  • TheCatCharli

    Love Huawei design trends, so beautifull and clean lines. This one looks amazing as well. Will look forward to see more of it.

  • Technerd

    Wow looks so nice.Hope it will come with kirin 950 beast.

    • Zami

      Bro , Kirin 950 will be available in Q4 . So, don’t expect it .
      Still I hope you are right .
      I wish they announce it with Kirin 950 and later available it in Q4 in the market .

      • Technerd

        Yep like the quick smartphone that will be announced this month with quallcom 820.

  • mikey

    I think there is a strategy!
    these are not real photos but drawings.
    If bluboo or zuk or oppo comming with drawings and leaks it’s other brands comming later with much nicer drawings to convince buyers to wait for their release.
    In fact: if we accept this kind of strategy you never gonna buy a phone because there will be always something new and more nicer to the next drawings……but release dates are also min 6 months later………

  • Rob

    This looks very nice if legit, can’t wait to see what specs it comes with. I do like what Huawei are doing design wise over the last 12 months, really making some gorgeous looking phones.

  • Seb Star

    bad design on the bottom, when holding a phone with even a rounded curve most rest it where the thumb and center palm of hand is. Especially when holding in one hand. This will digg into that spot making it highly uncomfortable for long term usage

  • Seb Star

    that spot should be more rounded to sit comfortably there.
    with this way of inward rounding it will digg deeper into that spot making it even more uncomfortable

  • 5eyez

    what will huawei announce? check their video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv_exA9OdR8