Next LG Nexus spotted, could be a OP2 killer

2015 lg google nexus

There is a lot of speculation surrounding this year’s Nexus phones, but it seems there will be at least 2 to choose from and the LG model could see a return to low pricing for the Nexus range.

Back when LG and Google released the Nexus 5 the world finally saw a phone with premium hardware at a price we could all agree on, but with the arrival of the Nexus 6 from Motorola the world turned to OnePlus to get their premium/low-cost fix.

For 2015 it is rumoured that there will be two Nexus phones, a model from Chinese phone maker Huawei with a premium price and premium specification and a second lower-cost phone from LG.

Above is a leaked photo of what is believed to be the plastic bodied 2015 LG Nexus with a rear facing fingerprint scanner, bulged camera and laser autofocus. The size of the phone appears to be around 5.2-inch which meets previous speculation about the LG phone.

Insiders say the new LG Nexus might come with USB Type C, and a Snapdragon 808 chipset. If the phone has a 1080 display and 3-4GB RAM the entry-level Google phone might be enough to upset the release of the OnePlus 2.

The new range of Nexus phone are expected to launch during the release of Android M, so watch this space for more news.

[ Engadget ]
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