OUYE is a ripoff of many gaming consoles, all at once

Gone are the days when the Chinese were only known for sub-standard quality ripoff devices. Most Chinese OEMs are now making some truly beautiful devices with designs that often beat the ones from many international brands.

However, there still seems a section of makers in China interested in ripping off designs. With the open-source and popular nature of Android, software is the last thing makers are concerned about, which makes ripping off popular stuff even easier.


The new OUYE (rings a bell?) gaming console is one such ripoff. The Android powered, crowdfunded project comes with a main console that mirrors the PlayStation 4’s looks, with a controller that steals the design from the Xbox One. Oh and if you haven’t realized yet, the name OUYE is un-inspiringly inspired by OUYA, the Android powered, crowdfunded gaming console.


The makers of OUYE claim that they’ve spent “6 months on the unique design”. Yes, we buy that…

The ripoff console is powered by the Allwinner A80 octa-core processor, so if not a full-fledged gaming console, the OUYE does have the potential to make a decent Android powered TV box with a pretty controller.

Crowdfunded projects can be tricky, and quite a few of them don’t reach the goal which means they’re scrapped.

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