Elephone become ZUK official partners

Elephone become ZUK official partners

zuk elephone

In an interesting turn of events, Elephone has announced that they have become the official partner of ZUK (a Lenovo sub brand) and will be dealing with international promotion for the start up phone brand.

I type this up as I wait in the airport to fly and meet the ZUK team and see the ZUK Z1 in the flesh in Shenzhen. Usually I’m stuck as to what to ask a phone maker when first meeting them (other than the usual questions) but for ZUK I know exactly what to ask; “Why have you chosen Elephone to work with?”.

We saw on Facebook yesterday that Elephone had confirmed a cooperation with the Lenovo backed ZUK phone company, but we didn’t really know what the cooperation included. Today a short email reveals the Elephone will work on the international side of the brand.

The ZUK Z1 has already been released in China where it is on sale for 1799 Yuan and features 64GB internal memory, 3GB RAM 5.5-inch FHD display, Snapdragon 801 chipset and 4100mAh battery plus fingerprint scanner.

Hopefully we will have more details and information about the ZUK Z1 in a few days. Keep watching GizChina for more news.

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  • Dante

    This is really Bad – especially if they work on the international side (the purported sd808 device)

  • Rob

    RIP ZUK, Elephone can’t even deal with their own phones!

    • E8hffff

      Are you alluding to the Vowney or past phone support?

      • Max

        why is everyone hopping on the elephone train with the vowney? they were shit and will continue to be shit, even with the vowney. 😛

        • E8hffff

          Most of the components are off the shelf, so as long as Elephone put them together into a stable strong package, and it’s reasonable to look at then I’m happy. I aim for latest technologies, best speeds, best resolutions, for a cheap price. I will most likely buy a Vowney Black model.

          • Max

            problem is: just cause they sort out the right hardware doesn’t mean they optimize it in a good way. software and hardware wise. look at all the killer specs on the p7000, the p8000 or the moderate specs on the g2. the only model i know of where they made a solid phone is the p6000. but it’s average. you should try and find another company you throw your money at. you want the best for the cheapest price? never works or the whole market would crash. please buy it. and report back a few weeks after if you’re really happy… or whether there are heaps of better phones out for a bit more money that actually work the way you want it to. 😉

          • Mephisto Zap

            Buy a xiaomi redmi note 2 instead, its out now and easily the best buy in a phone right now. They make great phones.

          • balcobomber25

            Most Elephones so far have had good components the problem is their build quality is crap, they have no optimization to speak of and their customer support is non existent.

            • E8hffff

              I would argue differently. After visiting their forum and website they are far above others. The content is there for the customer, not on some Chinese social media outlet that requires getting membership in Chinese language before downloading.

              I did see a review on the P8000 from Android Authority and they noticed a speck of dirt under the screen glass, which is worrisome, but it was a demo unit.

            • balcobomber25

              I know a lot of people (both personal friends and online) who bought Elephones that would disagree with you. They may have a forum but their customer service is absolute crap when your trying to deal with a broken or non working phone.

            • Max

              also elephone is known for deleting posts in the forums that make them look bad. i know not half as much as some other people here, but there’s one thing i know: stay away from elephone until after they prove they can make a good solid phone. and apart from that, have you seen those friggin huge black borders? it’s getting worse and worse with elephone/s. the vowney killed it. just look at that: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c26dd5d89181ea725a57e1dfac9a59040c116292701942498fda2446ec8fbd19.jpg

  • Hakim Farouk

    Does this mean we’ll have better things to expect from Elephone in the near future? I hope so 🙂 would be interesting to see them working together

    • Tal Bar

      Nope, we’ll have worse things from ZUK, as usually.

    • Tommy

      i think elephone will product better things due to they cooperation with Lenovo ZUK

  • iKosh

    Expect a new ZUK phone announcement every week.

    • Tommy

      it can’t be so quickly ,haha

  • Mark
  • balcobomber25

    Let me see if I understand Lenovo’s thinking here. They are partnering with a Elephone for international sales when:

    1. Most people internationally have never heard of Elephone and probably think its some animal in a zoo.

    2. The people that do know of it associate it with poor quality and bad customer support.

    They must have contacted the marketing team at One Plus before they decided on this ‘genius’ level move.

    • Tommy

      i hear from elephone from my friends,he want to order vowney from http://www.elephone.cc
      ,then he told me elephone,lol

  • Tommy

    elephone company is so lucky, they cooper with ZUK