UMi’s to take the Snapdragon route with the eMax Mini

eMax Mini is like an oxymoron in itself, which also makes it a very interesting name. Another thing that makes the eMax Mini from UMi interesting is the fact that it comes with a Snapdragon processor — a first for UMi.

UMi phones have undergone a massive change when compared to the UMi of the past. There’s a new vibrancy in the design, and the marketing has gone to an all new level. Instead of making an entirely new sub-brand (which is a bit of a fad right now), UMi have decided to simply slap a Snapdragon SoC to the mini version of an existing phone.

The eMax is a phone that is about battery, and hence not having the processing prowess of the world’s most powerful phone is something the device can afford… like the new eMax Mini. UMi mention on their Facebook post that this new Snapdragon powered phone will have an octa-core processor on the 64-bit architecture, and we’re afraid it might be the Snapdragon 615.

Nonetheless, there’s still an official announcement about the exact CPU model pending so we’ll wait to see how it turns out!

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