EKEN H9 Ultra is the world’s cheapest 4K sports camera, but there is a catch

eken h9 ultra 4k camera

Recording your most extreme sports in 4K Ultra HD can now cost less than $100 with the Eken H9 Ultra sports action camera.

4K video recording can be an expensive business. 4K video takes up a lot of memory and 128GB cards are still quite expensive, then you are going to need a power computer and decent video edition software to deal with all those pixels. The costs soon add up.

With the release of the EKEN H9 Ultra, you can at least save a little, no A LOT, of money on your 4K video camera. I don’t know what EKEN’s official RRP is for this brightly coloured camera but I have seen it for around $65 on some reseller sites.

The H9 Ultra is a compact camera measuring 59 x 41 x 24.6mm and has a built-inch 2-inch display on the rear. A 170 degree lens up front means all your action will be caught on film and the 1050mAh battery promises a 1hour 30min run time.

If it all sounds too good to be true then you are right to feel so skeptical. While the camera will record video at 4K it can only do so at 10fps, 2.7K video is handled at 15fps while 1080p gets to the more useable 60fps limit. Still for the money 1080p video is pretty good too.

The EKEN website also shows off 20 accessories which come included with the camera, making the device even more value packed.

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