Where is the camera on ZTE’s latest phone?

zte no camera

TENAA has once again provided leaked details of an upcoming phone, but this ZTE lacks a feature every Android Smartphone should have.

The ZTE S3003 is an unremarkable device. The 5-inch phones has a HD resolution screen, 1GB RAM, and just 8GB memory. The alloy chassis is slim but there really is nothing out of the ordinary on the phone, well expect for the lack of rear camera!

The device passed it’s the TENAA approval process on the 16th of the month, and images of the phones show a slim design, dual SIM support and a couple of physical buttons on one side.

Where a rear camera should be there is nothing. There are no tell-tale signs of a moving camera pod, or pop out camera element anywhere in the design. So what have ZTE got here? have they created a way to side the camera behind a panel similar to how a one way mirror might work, or have they really gone ahead and created a phone with no camera?

If the latter is the case it might be that the ZTE S3003 is designed for internal government use where a camera phone would be a security threat. What do you make of this device? Would you ever want a smartphone that lacked a camera?

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