Zeblaze Crystal and Rover flash sale offers 50% discounts through September 25th

Online retailer site Geekbuying is having a flash sale with 50% discounts for both the Zeblaze Crystal and the Zeblaze Rover: the Zeblaze Crystal will cost $32.99 with the flash sale (original price $64.99), while the Zeblaze Rover will cost $19.99 with the discount (original price $39.99). The flash sale started yesterday and will continue through this Friday, September 25th.

The Zeblaze Crystal features a 1.54-inch, stainless steel metal LCD screen with 240 x 24p screen resolution, a 22m genuine leather strap, IP65 water and dust resistance, and a 280mAh battery with a 96-hour standby time. The IP65 rating, for those who may not know, ensures that the device is totally protected from dust (the “6”) but is only “protected from low pressure water jets from any direction” (the “5”). In other words, we don’t suggest you go swimming with the Zeblaze Crystal, but a few splashes on the watch won’t hurt it.

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As for the Zeblaze Rover, you’re looking at a 1.54-inch, IPS TFT LCD screen with the same screen resolution as the Zeblaze Crystal (240 x 240p) with a 250mAh battery that provides 8 hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby time. The Rover features a MediaTek 2501 processor with 24Mb of RAM and 32Mb of storage with Bluetooth 4.0 on board. You can choose between Black/Orange, Gold/Brown, and Silver/Black combo colors for the Rover.

The Zeblaze Crystal and Rover flash sale begins at GMT 9:00 daily, with these two smartwatches in limited supply. Sales may run out, but the flash sale lasts until Friday, so head on over to the link below. It’s about time you get a new smartwatch, don’t you think?


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  1. Wasen
    October 2, 2015

    I ordered this one for 32.99 and everything seems good, payment OK and the watch has been sent. As long as it arrives everything worked great and I will probably shop from GeekBuying again.

    • Wasen
      October 15, 2015

      Now the watch has arrived. I do have a moto360 too so it’s impossible not to compare it with this in some way. The moto360 is 1000 times better, but I still kind of like the Crystal. It looks OK, the GUI is quite OK looking and quite smooth, it has all the basic functions and some more. It does lack android wear and possibility to install apps though. The watch faces are quite ugly looking. It is a bit buggy and it charges in a plastic cradle. Over all it’s not a fantastic product but well worth the 33$ I payed for it. If I would not have owned the moto360 also I guess I could have been quite satisfied with this one as my daily watch.
      Cred to Geekbuying for the honest flash sale (in opposite to Banggood), I will definitely shop from them again.

  2. Seven degree
    October 9, 2015
    • Wasen
      October 15, 2015

      You have posted this in every single wearable article at Gizchina, and at XDA. This is spam and should be removed.