Xiaomi Mi5 specifications ‘leaked’ again, how about your educated guesses?

xiaomi mi5 leaked

More guesses at the Xiaomi Mi5 specs are posted by a Weibo tipster, but we want to hear your ideas and thoughts.

From previous experience reading leaks and tips from Weibo user @leaksfly, we have a feeling that the guy behind the account has very little in the way of insider knowledge and is just posting his educated guesses online, and why not.

Today, specifications for the Xiaomi Mi5 were posted on the account but there is nothing shared to prove where the details came from, and the hardware list reads like any well-educated guess might.

This time around I actually agree with much of what @leaksfly has guessed at. His specs for the Xiaomi Mi5 now include a 5.2-inch 1080 display rather than a 2K model, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 16 mega-pixel rear camera and 8 mega-pixel front. It all sounds very plausible but I feel that Xiaomi will either stick to a 13 mega-pixel main camera with laser focus or upgrade to 21 mega-pixel to be level pegging with Meizu and Huawei.

The Tweet also mentions internal memory of between 16-32GB (surely a 64GB model too?), HIFI audio and Android 5.1.1.

xiaomi mi5

As you can see, the specification are nothing out of the ordinary and anyone with a good knowledge of Chinese phone tech could have a crack at guessing the hardware of the Mi5 and get it fairly accurate, so let’s hear your thoughts.

Do you agree with @leaksfly? Will the Xiaomi Mi5 have a 5.2-inch display or larger? Will the resolution be FHD or WQHD? Will there be a fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi5? Will we see a price increase? Let us know your thoughts.

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