Elephone 10,000mAh battery will retail at $4.99!

elephone power bank

Elephone are to launch a new 10,000mAh power bank that will retail internationally at just $4.99!

I remember a few years ago when the internet was set a blaze with news of the 10,000mAh Xiaomi power bank. At that time no other company was offering such a large rechargeable powerbank at such an incredibly low-price! It instantly made Xiaomi a recognised brand (for accessories) and that power bank went on to sell incredibly well.

The success of the Xiaomi power bank was seen by rivals and soon we saw ZTE, Asus, Meizu, OnePlus and others all make their own versions, but none managed to catch the attention of Xiaomi’s so what hope does Elephone have?

Well there is one substantial difference between the new 10,000mAh Elephone power bank and other’s and thats the insane price tag! Somehow Elephone have managed to create a huge capacity power bank that will retail at just $4.99, internationally!

elephone power bank

There is going to be some speculation as to how Elephone have managed this and I am sure some of you won’t be convinced, but seeing how fast technology moves along in China and how much time has passed since Xiaomi’s device, it could be very possible for Elephone to source 10.000mAh cells are low prices.

For now we only have these 2 images of the Elephone 10,000mAh power bank, but from them we can see that the battery pack will feature dual USB’s, a micro USB for charging, power button, and there are markings on the base for the cell size. The images also show white, pink and blue options and what could be a rubber finish.

At $4.99 I’m sure Elephone are going to see huge sales especially as Christmas draws closer and customers look for suitable tech related stocking fillers.

In addition to announcing the price and images of their powerbank, Elephane are also asking fans to think of a name and slogan for the product, and offer a free battery pack to the winning choice. Any name suggestions?

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