Elephone tease ‘mystery device’ confuse Iron Man for Robocop

elephone mystery phone

Elephone aren’t known for teasing an upcoming phone, but this time around they are doing just that with a familiar face in the frame.

Usually Elephone will proudly tell the world what the name and specifications are of their upcoming phone months before they even launch it, but there latest phone might follow the honoured tradition of teasing.

The first teaser shown on Facebook today simply reads “New Mysterious Elephone” and goes on to tell fans of the company;

Elephone Robocop Coming Soon !!!

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First of all that image is quite clearly of Iron Man, and second of all we can see a few more details in the teaser about this ‘mystery’ device. In the bottom right corner of the image we can just make out a phone with curved 2.5D glass from panel, and even see the rear of the phone. The rear isn’t as easy to make out but to our eye it looks to have some design similarities with the Meizu MX5 and iPhone 6S.

As Elephone have used Iron Man (or Robocop) in the teaser we imagine the phone will have an all metal design on the rear. If you aren’t in to waiting for the latest Elephone device then you can check out the metal Elephone M2 which is on special offer today for just $149.99.

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  1. E8hffff
    October 21, 2015

    Well there’s the P9000C a budget P9000 with colourful back-plates like the Truck. Then there’s rumours of a rugged version of an older series.

    The P9000 and P9000C will be geared for American market and other places that previously couldn’t get the bands required for their Carrier. Obviously the P9000 and P9000C will be available for all to use.

    It has to be phone related as we’ve notice Elephone shortened the name to sell the e-cig.

    • MaxPower
      October 21, 2015

      you really are into them, don’t you?

      • Tajwar
        October 21, 2015


      • E8hffff
        October 21, 2015

        I’m hanging out for Vowney news. So when I’m bored I’m investigating. If I were to get bad news I’d be ale to cancel order.

        • MaxPower
          October 21, 2015

          how long have you been waiting since you ordered it?

          • Joel Adames
            October 21, 2015

            Just long enough!!! As I’m too. ???. But maybe just maybe they might release the VOWNEY soon. Or else if there are gonna be 3 different p9000 then they should make one going after the LG V10 (you know what I’m referring to, right?

  2. Chickens
    October 21, 2015

    That screw is really distracting

  3. balcobomber25
    October 22, 2015

    Yawn! Another day another Elephone announcement. In the end it will be another subpar product. They need to focus on making 1-3 really good phones a year instead of 3 decent phones and 10 horrible phones. They can make a lot more money and have a much wider fan base by just focusing on developing fewer but better products.

  4. Max
    October 22, 2015

    I don’t see where they confused Iron Man for Robocop.

    • Muhammad Yasir
      October 22, 2015


  5. E8hffff
    October 22, 2015

    Vowney on ElephoneMobile.com has push forward their release date to 20th of November for the Vowney. This is ridiculous. I’m now attempting to cancel my order.

    • Max
      October 22, 2015

      Obviously? Its proven. Just look at their problems with the p7000. Some people are still waiting for theirs.

      • E8hffff
        October 22, 2015

        For about a month but waited before that without paying for about two to three months. It’s not good enough that they mess customers around with half ditched budget phones being released when people are wanting on their flag ship. By the time the Vowney will come it’s starting to get old having a Helio X10. That SoC was released of Jan 2015.

  6. Rezneck
    October 24, 2015

    Intresting, there is still a opportunity this wouldn’t be a MTK device 😉