The Doogee Y200 features noise-cancelling, dual silicon microphone setup for luxury call quality

The Doogee Y200 has a “young and luxurious” slogan that emphasizes the company’s commitment to a premium experience for the buyer, but few discuss audio quality. Sure, there’s HTC with its BOOMSOUND that’s become so popular, but few companies seem to indicate top-notch audio sound, seeing that many buyers will likely pair their phone with either wire headphones via a 3.5mm headphone jack, or use Bluetooth, wireless headphones for a quality audio sound.

When it comes to audio quality in phone calls, the same rule applies. Call quality is usually “good” with most smartphones, but few take time to consider how to make call quality better – except to get on a better network when making phone calls. With the rise of social applications that rely on Wi-Fi calling, and the upward trend of voice features within social apps, there’s a need in the smartphone market for good audio quality. Doogee can’t control the wireless provider and network, but it can control how the sound is processed in its own Y200 smartphone.

The Doogee Y200 improves the audio quality of smartphones by using a noise-cancelling, dual-silicon microphone that also appears in the iPhone 6. The microphone is located on the back of the device, designed to eliminate noise in the caller’s environment (as well as noise from the environment of the individual on the other side of the phone call). “Premium” has always been the battle cry for smartphone consumers, and Doogee wants to become part of the movement that extends the concept to smartphone sound.

For more information on Doogee’s luxurious Y200, visit the website below.

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