Doogee F5 and F3 tailor-made design process detailed

The Doogee F5 and F3 are finely crafted, but just what goes into the design process? The company behind the F5 and F3 answers that question for us: the Doogee F5 and F3 are constructed by way of 1) CNC cutting and 2) die-casting.

Doogee F5 F3 alloy melted

The aluminum alloy used in the Doogee F5 and F3 are first melted under extremely high temperatures in the die-casting process and are then poured into a die-casting machine in which the hot aluminum alloy is molded into the shape of the F5 and F3 back covers. The die-casting process can leave some holes and marks in the aluminum mold, which then warrants the CNC cutting machine to strip away the excess metal fragments. After the stripping, the aluminum cover is cleaned to eliminate small metal fragments that can hang-off the cover, which is why the aluminum cover is sent to the assembly line. On the assembly line, the Doogee F5 and F3 are spray painted by 8 groups of 16 nozzles, which ensures that the spray-painting job is uniform.

Doogee F5 F3 stripping process

Next in the process is crafting the antenna slots, which, for many manufacturers, can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. The iPhone 4 “AntennaGate” problem was created simply because metal tends to interfere with antenna signals. The Doogee F5 and F3 take into account this complication and provide open antenna slots as a way to offset problems that exist with a premium metal design and stellar signal performance. HTC’s metal One smartphones have proven difficult in this regard in signal performance. Then, the back cover (matte) undergoes a few rounds of spraying, grilling, and drying the paints used.

Doogee F5 F3

Finally, the Doogee F5 and F3 undergo a diamond-cutting process whereby the cutting knife, in the shape of a diamond (for which “diamond-cutting” is named), carves out the cameras, volume keys, and speaker.

As can be seen, the Doogee F5 and F3 are crafted with the utmost care in mind. Did you know how intricate the design process was for these two smartphones? Does this change your impression(s) of the F5 and F3?

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