Will you buy the Blackview BV2000 for $75? Full specs

blackview bv2000

We all know that Chinese phones are getting cheaper and better all the time, but do the Blackview BV2000 specs hit the mark?

Another sub $100 smartphone? Yup, Blackview have released the full hardware specifications of the BV2000 which we wrote about earlier in the week and online stores already have the handset up for just $74.99. So is it worth it?

Blackview have taken a good hard look at what Meizu have done with the 5-inch M2, and decided to give it a go themselves with the BV2000. They built their phone with a 5-inch HD display, a Mediatek MT6735 chipset and a couple of cheerful colours.

blackview bv2000

It’s a solid start but the specs don’t really stack up the further down the list we go. The BV2000 comes with only 1GB RAM, 8GB memory, WCDMA support, and 8 mega-pixel main camera. In comparison the Meizu M2 costs as little as $100 (if you shop around) and comes with a 13 mega-pixel sensor, 2GB RAM and LTE.

blackview bv2000

We applaud Blackview for taking up the sub $100 gauntlet but we feel that competition have raised the bar a little out of their reach. What do you guys think?

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