MediaTek Helio X30 to come H2 2016: Report

After the kind of success MediaTek tasted with the Helio X10, it is natural that the company is impatient bringing newer versions of its SoCs to the market.

While the X20 is yet to make a proper appearance on a device yet, MediaTek is very well in the process of giving the Helio X30 — the most powerful MediaTek we’ve heard of yet — some sheen.

However, MediaTek — and consumers — have quite a bit of waiting to do before getting to see some Helio X30 powered phones. According to Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, the MediaTek Helio X30 will come only in the second half of next year, i.e., H2 2016.

As for the configuration of the Helio X30 SoC, it is purported to be a four-cluster architecture with 4x 2.5GHz Cortex A72 cores, 2x 2GHz Cortex A72 cores, 2x 1.5GHz Cortex A53 cores and 2x 1.0GHz Cortex A53 cores.

The report goes on to add that Jiutang feels that the Helio X30 will be more of a match to the Snapdragon 820, more so than the Helio X20 which is expected in the coming months.

Either way, MediaTek SoCs are generally a lot more affordable for OEMs than Snapdragon counterparts, and with MediaTek chips starting to be more powerful, even cheaper flagships (for consumers) aren’t too far away.

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