How would you perform a Chinese phone smash test?

This week we have received a few new links to various videos aiming to prove the strength of upcoming and current Chinese phones. It got us wondering, how would you test the durability of a Chinese phone?

The following 5 videos are a mix of new and old, but all are filmed in an attempt to prove to the customer just how tough each handset is. I have my own opinions about some of the videos below, but I’d like to hear what you guys think, and also how you would perform such a test.

HomTom HT5 – Hammer test

Bluboo Xtouch – Stone slab hammer test

Oukitel – Drill Test

Ulefone Paris – Drop test

How would you perform a smash test?

If you have been keeping an eye on GizChina recently then you will know we recently got a Blackview BV5000 rugged phone for review. This seems like the perfect device to put through its paces and give it a brutal durability test. Do you guys have any suggestions of how we should perform the test? (keep in mind I’m not going to do something stupid which may harm myself or others). Or should I do a repeat of my Umi Hammer test? Let’s hear your ideas.

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