Teclast X16 Power is a full desktop PC that takes the form of a tablet

1446596299291-P-3377884Teclast has been up to some interesting stuff lately. Latest from this Chinese tablet maker is the Teclast X16 Power tablet, which has a chance of being more powerful than the PC you’re reading this news piece on.

The X16 Power comes with an Intel Cherry Trail setup (X7-Z8700, 64-bit quad-core) along with a hefty 8GB of RAM and 64GB storage. This, mated with an Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor makes for the heart of the Teclast X16 Power.


Other than that, the device ships with a Windows 10 installation (along with Android 5.1 dual boot) and has a 11.6-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080p resolution. Looking at the other specs of the device, the screen resolution looks like an achilles heel.

Moving on, the X16 Power is listed with a 32Wh battery which sounds adequate capacity for the device. Other than that, there’s the usual suite of connectivity options including HDMI, OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth.


The device is currently listed for pre-order at $361.99, with scheduled shipping starting 4th Dec. Another affordable version — the X16 Pro — should be available soon with 4GB RAM instead of 8GB.

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