Teclast X16 Power is a full desktop PC that takes the form...

Teclast X16 Power is a full desktop PC that takes the form of a tablet


1446596299291-P-3377884Teclast has been up to some interesting stuff lately. Latest from this Chinese tablet maker is the Teclast X16 Power tablet, which has a chance of being more powerful than the PC you’re reading this news piece on.

The X16 Power comes with an Intel Cherry Trail setup (X7-Z8700, 64-bit quad-core) along with a hefty 8GB of RAM and 64GB storage. This, mated with an Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor makes for the heart of the Teclast X16 Power.


Other than that, the device ships with a Windows 10 installation (along with Android 5.1 dual boot) and has a 11.6-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080p resolution. Looking at the other specs of the device, the screen resolution looks like an achilles heel.

Moving on, the X16 Power is listed with a 32Wh battery which sounds adequate capacity for the device. Other than that, there’s the usual suite of connectivity options including HDMI, OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth.


The device is currently listed for pre-order at $361.99, with scheduled shipping starting 4th Dec. Another affordable version — the X16 Pro — should be available soon with 4GB RAM instead of 8GB.

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  • Darevintage

    Really exciting specs…hmm…very tempting

  • X7-Z8700, 64-bit quadcopter – indeed. You might want to correct that Yash.

    Point of correction, simply having 8GB of RAM does not, by any means, make any device powerful. It simply gives the device more room for multi-tasking, if the CPU can handle all the tasks you are throwing at it without gasping for breathe. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t we talking about an ATOM processor here? When they release a model with the Intel Core M, then we will talk more.

    I cannot purchase a device simply because it has 8GB of RAM (my production PC has a lot more RAM plus a hexa-core Intel Core i7 CPU). The processing prowess matters a whole lot to me more than the amount of RAM because anyone who buys this will most likely use it for some sort of productivity activity. Unless they just wanna run MS Office, browse and game on it (which a 2GB RAM tablet can comfortably handle).

    The 8GB RAM is not worth it with an ATOM CPU.

    • Jay

      Teclast actually have a device with Core M – the X2 Pro

      • I know they already have a Core M tablet. I think they should have released this as a variant of the X2 Pro instead of X16. The Core M is much better with productivity and multitasking than any Atom processor to date.

        I don’t see the point in giving an Atom CPU as much as 8GB of RAM whereas their Core M tablets only get 4GB.

        Weird marketing if you ask me.

        • Rob

          I’ve got the the x16 pro winging its way to me as we speak, the problem with the core m is they don’t support dual boot. BTW this has a cherry trail and not an atom cpu ?

          • Dis

            Do you even know what digitizer it uses yet?

            • Rob

              AUO panel exactly the same as the x2 pro, this is basically the x2 pro with the cpu switched over, ssd replaced with an eMMC drive and dual boot.

            • Dis

              What is the X2 pro and are there any videos demoing this digitizer?

            • Rob

              Techtablets has a full video review of both these tablets.

            • billkillusconi2014

              Have you tried to format the Tablet??
              Can be found the drivers of the Teclast?
              The 64gb ssd can be replaced??

            • Rob

              Im going to be returning it due to faults so i dont care now.

          • Christo

            Cherry Trail are Atom chipsets. just sayin.

          • johnny471965

            did you receive it ? do you like it ?

            • Rob

              Yes I got it a couple of days ago. Not happy at all though as windows was completely unresponsive, the tablet was heating up and I couldn’t do anything with it. After 5-6 hours of perseverance I managed to install an antivirus and found the seller had installed over 300 malware/adware/viruses/trojan horses, hence why it wouldn’t do anything! Windows bit defender has been disabled and I don’t have administrator rights to enable it!?? Windows update also said there were viruses on the system even though I installed 3 different antivirus programs to scan the system (all saying it is now clean).

              Found android with Teclasts’ launcher quite good but again its a little underwhelming in its performance, many of my apps/games were not compatible (most likely due to the Intel SoC) but managed to side loads most apps and they then updated fine through the Play store. Battery life in Android is excellent but haven’t bothered with Windows as I’m not planning on keeping it. The camera is AWFUL! It is definitely faulty as it won’t focus and makes a strange clicking noise and pics are just a really dark, blurry mess.

              The screen is Ok but nothing more, is gets considerably darker if you move the tablet more than a few degrees when viewing. I bought my wife the Cube T8 plus for around 1/3 the price of this tablet and the screen on that is really, really nice, brighter, colours just pop out of the screen, far superior viewing angles and the extra resloution really does makes a massive difference. The charging port is not great as the adaptor seems to ‘pop out’ by 1mm or so and it will stop charging so have to keep checking its in.

              I’m not using it for any personal stuff as I don’t trust there isn’t some malicious software lurking on it somewhere, when I signed into my Google account I had an email from google saying someone had signed in with a Mac book, not sure if this tablet is being picked up as a Mac book or if someone else has indeed signed into my account.

              The tablet is OK but nothing more and is definitely overpriced at the moment, all my problems have been caused by the seller and it’s taken the shine off receiving my nice new tablet. Still waiting to hear off the seller as he hasn’t (conveniently) responded to my emails yet.

            • sandertrots

              omg where did you buy it ??
              i have ordered the teclast x2 pro from everbuying.com
              it has now (just my luck when i finally order something expensive)
              been stopped at the custom taks guys.
              but if you have ordered at everbuying too, i better refuse it and dont pay like 150 euro’s on tax.
              so please tell me where you bought it and do other people have the some malware problems with teclast tablets??

            • Rob

              I got mine on aliexpress, seller put higher value than i paid on package but didn’t have to pay anything. Mine will be going back as the camera is faulty, the charging port isn’t great and the screen is faulty! To be honest i was very underwhelmed by the screen as i feel for the price of the tablet its very poor. Not sure if u can refuse package as they make it clear that u could end up paying tax. Good luck!

        • Natsumi

          I dream with a linux distro one day… and an affordable price.

  • roni24

    less then 13′ dont talk to me, 4GB is good enough, and resolution come on…………

    • 1080p is very good for the screen size. There is no point in giving the GPU unnecessarily huge number of pixels to deal with just for bragging rights.

  • Jay

    I disagree. At the price (US$406 on Gear Best), the Teclast X2 Pro is a far better choice with a Core -M5Y CPU that’s twice as powerful and a 64 GB SSD, though at 4 GB RAM.

    • Dis

      This is a fair amount cheaper.

    • Shdg

      Or just the cube i6 stylus

  • realjjj

    lol what are you smoking.
    That’s midrnage phone perf not desktop.

  • Xalis

    X7-Z8700, 64-bit quadcopter

    This thing must fly off the shelves!

  • The Achilles’ heel is not the 1080 display — it’s the 32Wh battery powering an 11.6-inch panel.

  • Natsumi

    Too pricey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roberto Tomás

    Pretty amazing kit 🙂

  • MinusPlusDivide

    Teclast that most bang for its price is Teclast X98 series

  • Егор

    What do you think of Onda Obook 11, or Chuwi H10. I need ~200usd tablet 11.6inch and 4gb with Win10, What do you could suggest

    • I think Onda V919 CH 9,7″ with Windows 10 is great! It’s great device according to its price.

  • lol

    I hope you’re not serious when you said “which has a chance of being more powerful than the PC you’re reading this news piece on.” I’d really love to know what PC anyone is running in this age that is not on par with this.

    • Adam Irvine

      Ye it wouldn’t beat my i5 gaming machine that’s for sure…

      In fact I have an old Dell Core2Duo laptop that would still have it…

      But, the Atom is what it is…

  • WeskerRazer

    fail. Better take cube with core m

    • dettwork

      yeah looks nice but from what I can see it’s not dual boot..
      what would you recommend in windows/android dual os?

  • John Benz

    Bought one of these+keyboard etc.. Beware of the language pack installed. It only comes in Chinese. Teclast do not reply for help! The tablet is as good as it sounds but for the language pack!